#Teen Spirit

I have a friend who loves to shred on a skateboard and hates to work every summer at his father work place. That inspired me to design this sad teen. He remind me of Robbie, from Gravity Falls.  

#Nicu & Baton

Some exports from a motion comics from the last year. It was very limited in animation, All we could do some pans and move stuff around in After Effects. But it had some good gags and good music.
Also i like this scene because i used some Easter eggs from the last episodes of N&B. Nicu's possible father portrait, the science formula from the last episode and some elements from the first episode.


A bunch of crazy faces drawn on some random shapes i did in Photoshop. 

#Halloween Turtles

A bunch of turtles going for a Halloween. 

#Motel El-Vaco

Scary and gross isn't it ? Well what can i say my little girls. It is what it is. This is a small close up for my Motel El-Vaco Pilot. Hope i'll finish it before February 2015. Bla bla bloging bloging typing typing.  


Le Sponge Bob zi Manly Pants. I had this drawing in my sketchbook so i had to do something about it. Just A Fanfart. Interesting fact is that Spongebob appeared super muscled and pimped like a stuper hero in the last trailer for Spongebob Movie from 2014. Coincidence ? Nope, it was all meeee ,my seeeed! Myy! ....I wish it was mine :)  

#Nicu & BAton

As i promised, junk and stuff. Drawings from the last Christmas Motion Comic at Frimufilms. This drawings where cropped or edited at the end. 

#Fanart: Grinch

Well there is nothing that i can tell about this one. Yes its Grinch, from the book, cartoon and movie. There is something about these awesome character that makes me draw him often. Still i don't consider it like my own work, lets call it a good old training or a fanfart.